Each year, CJI plans, facilitates, and hosts the Institutional Corrections Research Network (ICRN) / National Corrections Reporting Program (NCRP) Annual Meeting, sponsored by the National Institute of Corrections (NIC) and the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS).

The meeting brings together corrections researchers from state agencies and federal partners to share information about data analysis tools and internal research. Participants generally include data suppliers to NCRP, members of ICRN, and staff from Abt Associates, NIC, BJS, and CJI.

The goals of this annual meeting are to:

  • Provide recommendations for a national research agenda and to assist the corrections field in further developing infrastructure to have high-quality data and share it through national partnerships; and
  • Further the work of the corrections field in its understanding and application of research by bringing together agency-based researchers to discuss issues and share insights on research conducted within agencies that operate correctional institutions.

2021 ICRN Conference 

The eighth annual meeting took place virtually on May 25, 2021, featuring presentations from member jurisdictions regarding various topics related to data and research. Presentations included:

  • Welcome: Michael Kane, CJI; Danielle Kaeble, Bureau of Justice Statistics; Ann Carson, Bureau of Justice Statistics; Shaina Vanek, National Institute of Corrections
  • National Corrections Reporting Program Data: Melissa Nadel and Walter Campbell, Abt Associates
  • Updated Assaults Model: Eric Ballenger, Indiana Department of Corrections
  • Unpacking Recidivism: Tama Celi, Virginia Department of Corrections
  • Predicted Probability of Recidivism Model: Alejandra Livingston, Nevada Department of Corrections

View the full 2021 agenda here. 

2020 ICRN Conference 

The seventh annual meeting took place virtually on June 12, 2020, featuring presentations from member jurisdictions regarding their use of data and research in corrections department responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. The group also heard from BJS on recent and upcoming data collection efforts. Additional virtual meetings may take place.


2019 ICRN Conference Summary

The seventh annual data providers meeting took place at the Robert A. Young (RAY) Federal Building St. Louis, Missouri on September 19 and 20, 2019.

The meeting began with a presentation from Anne Precythe, director at the Missouri Department of Corrections, that highlighted the importance of using risk data to drive decision-making. Director Precythe’s presentation was followed by presentations on research studies using NCRP and CES data by Abt Associates, and the current and future plans at BJS by Danielle Kaeble (BJS). The introductory presentations were followed by plenary sessions on exploring recidivism and research in corrections. These sessions were followed by breakout sessions and small group discussions about topics including technical violations, classification assessments, restrictive housing, and NCRP data collection and results. Throughout the day, participants had the opportunity to informally network, discuss the dynamic relationship between criminal justice policy and data, and participate in discussions on research and performance management efforts across states.

The second day began with another round of breakout sessions on topics including BJS publications, parole supervision, the NCRP analysis tool, the National Institute of Justice Correction’s Portfolio and new Corrections Strategic Research Plan, hate crimes, and sex offenses, and educational strategies in corrections. Participants later had an opportunity to listen in on upcoming BJS initiatives. The meeting ended with a discussion of key points, lessons learned, and action steps for moving forward.

Read the full 2019 ICRN Meeting Summary