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The Crime and Justice Institute bridges the gap between research and practice with data-driven solutions that drive bold, transformative improvements in adult and youth justice systems.

With a reputation built over many decades for innovative thinking, unbiased issue analysis, and a client-centered approach, we can help your organization achieve better, more cost-effective results for the communities you serve.

Who We Are

CJI is a division of Community Resources for Justice, a 140-year-old nonprofit human services organization headquartered in Boston. The CJI team brings decades of experience developing evidence-based, data-driven policies, managing complex processes with diverse stakeholders, and driving systems-level organizational change. Our energetic staff and network of consultants come from a variety of backgrounds.

Our Approach

We develop strong partnerships with organizations to improve performance and build capacity for lasting change. Our goal is to create an environment of continuous improvement that ensures the sustainability and success of initiatives long after the technical assistance engagement.

We understand that your challenges and systems are too complex for an inflexible approach. We do the work to understand your goals, assess your strengths and needs, and develop evidence-based, data-driven recommendations to help you achieve those goals. Our recommendations are informed by the latest research and knowledge of what has worked in other organizations.

Our Values

  • Collaboration. We develop authentic partnerships, working to address unique challenges and build capacity for lasting change.
  • Data-driven. We follow the evidence and let data, research, and a nonpartisan approach drive our work.
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion. We are committed to building diverse and inclusive teams that bring a range of skills, experiences, and backgrounds to our work. The collective sum of our individual perspectives, life experiences, differences, and unique talents is what advances our reputation in the field and our accomplishments in achieving meaningful change. We seek to create an environment that is welcoming, respectful, equitable, and inclusive for our staff, our partners, and the communities with which we work.
  • Continuous learning. We are passionate about learning. We seek to learn from both successes and challenges, continuously looking for ways to improve and innovate.
  • Impact. We focus on solutions and support efforts that make justice systems more equitable, efficient, and effective. We bring to our work a sense of humility, striving to improve outcomes for individuals, families, and communities.
  • Excellence. We set high standards for our work and take pride in working hard to meet clients’ needs, delivering the highest-quality services and work products.
  • Racial equity. We acknowledge racial inequities in justice systems and are committed to using data to raise these issues and work with our partners to find solutions that improve equity.

What CJI Can Do for You

We work with organizations throughout the adult and youth justice systems, from police agencies to courts and community and institutional corrections systems.

Click here for a downloadable fact sheet on CJI’s work