Many justice-involved individuals are not motivated to engage in correctional treatment and interventions, which can be a substantial barrier to their success while under correctional supervision. Motivational Interviewing is a set of interaction techniques that is designed to help staff increase an individual’s motivation to change through guided interactions. This training will teach staff to use these techniques to encourage individuals to resolve their ambivalence about change and develop intrinsic motivation.

Training Description:

  • Training participants will learn about the background of Motivational Interviewing as an interaction technique and how it has been applied to corrections
  • Training participants will practice many interaction skills designed to help individuals move from having no desire to change, through being ambivalent about change, to being motivated to change.
  • The training process includes coaching and feedback for the participants on the use of these skills and provides them with several activities that they can use with their clients.

Audience: Correctional service delivery staff (probation/parole officers, case managers, treatment providers, supervisors)

Prerequisite: It is suggested that training participants complete the Principles of Effective Intervention training prior to attending Motivational Interviewing. The Core Correctional Practices training also pairs well with Motivational Interviewing.

Duration: Full day; additional on-site or recorded coaching is available