Many criminal and juvenile justice agencies use third or fourth generation risk assessment instruments to guide decisions on supervision and intervention strategies.  Completing these tools often requires a lengthy semi-structured interview to gain information on many facets of the individual’s life and history.   This training will teach staff interviewing skills to gain thorough, accurate information to complete these risk assessments, and, through practice and coaching, give them the opportunity to build their confidence in conducting these interviews.

Training Description:

  • The training curriculum teaches interviewing techniques to build rapport, gain credibility, elicit truthful responses, and encourage open discussion.
  • Training participants will practice each skill and receive feedback from skilled trainers to improve their interviewing skills.
  • The training process also includes coaching after the initial training.  Participants will submit video of themselves using the interviewing techniques while conducting a risk assessment with an individual; trainers will then provide feedback to help participants improve further.
  • This training can be effectively combined with other CJI trainings, including Principles of Effective Intervention, Motivational Interviewing, Risk Assessment Fidelity and/or trainings on the LSI-R or YLS series of tools.

Audience: Risk assessment users, fidelity staff, and supervisors

Duration: Full day plus recorded practice time; additional on-site coaching is available