Cover mockup of Women in Policing reports

The latest publications from the Crime and Justice Institute (CJI) explore the prominent themes emerging from an interview and survey project with women police officers and leaders from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD).

To better understand the backgrounds, experiences, and challenges of women in policing, CJI, in partnership with LVMPD, conducted a survey and facilitated a series of one-on-one interviews with women officers across all ranks.

The interviews and accompanying survey resulted in several common takeaways including:

  • Challenges with promotional policies during pregnancy and returning to work following maternity leave
  • A desire to increase representation of women in forward facing recruitment efforts
  • A drive and commitment to serving the community and helping others as the primary motivator in joining the force

Read the full interview report & survey summary here:

Law enforcement has long been a male dominated field in the United States, with women making up only 12% of sworn officers, and less than 5% of police leadership throughout the country. At the same time, research suggests that women bring unique skills to modern policing that can help decrease negative outcomes such as excessive use of force and increase positive outcomes such as cooperation and trust between community and the department.

To learn more about CJI’s work advancing women in policing and strategies to increase representation within police departments click here.