Oklahoma City Skyline

Supported by the Crime and Justice Institute (CJI), Oklahoma County’s Criminal Justice Advisory Council (CJAC) released its findings publicly today showing the progress made by the county to implement earlier Task Force recommendations to reduce the jail population and promote public safety. The resulting report underscores the depth of Oklahoma County’s justice system challenges and the urgency of CJAC’s continued work.

CJAC, the county’s local criminal justice coordinating council, sought the support of CJI to research and analyze data to assess the county’s progress. Over the course of a year, CJI worked with local corrections and justice leaders to analyze quantitative and qualitative data and identify issues and possible solutions. The report outlines aspects of the six recommendations that have yet to be implemented and provides twelve additional recommendations to reduce the pretrial population, remove system inefficiencies, and address racial disparities in the jail.

Read the full report here and the summary here.