In September 2022, the City of Duluth partnered with CJI to conduct a racial bias audit of the Duluth Police Department (DPD). Duluth’s Racial Bias Audit Team (RBAT), a diverse group of community volunteers, developed goals and objectives for the audit, including a comprehensive assessment of Department operations, Department interactions with the community, and the role of the Duluth Citizen Review Board (DCRB). Over the course of nearly a year, CJI collaborated with DPD, RBAT, and the community to assess the Department’s operations and relationships with residents, and identify strengths, areas for improvement, and possible solutions.

The Duluth Racial Bias Audit: Final Report on Findings and Considerations was publicly released on August 9, 2023. CJI has completed two public presentations to share the report’s findings and considerations.

On Thursday, September 7, the Family Freedom Center in Duluth will be hosting CJI’s last public presentation about the report. The goal of the presentation is to walk through the findings and considerations with a focus on BIPOC community relations, vehicle and pedestrian stops, and a review of body-worn camera footage.

Upon understanding the findings and considerations within the report, the CJI team will facilitate a series of planning sessions with the Department and members of the community to begin implementation of chosen considerations using a results-focused approach to create sustainable changes.

Explore the executive summary of findings and recommendations or read the full report: