This June, the field of community supervision witnessed a landmark event: the unveiling of the American Probation and Parole Association’s (APPA) first-ever National Standards for Community Supervision. The Crime and Justice Institute’s (CJI) team was honored to be a part of this historic moment at APPA’s 49th Annual Training Institute in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Setting a New Standard

CJI Deputy Director Valerie Meade, Senior Policy Specialist Caitlin Flood, and Corrections Management Consultant Willam Burrell presented a session titled “Setting a New Standard for Community Supervision.” This session offered attendees a first look at the groundbreaking Standards before their official release on the APPA website.

These comprehensive Standards represent a turning point in how professionals approach rehabilitation for individuals supervised on probation or parole rehabilitation. They provide a powerful roadmap for community supervision agencies, outlining best practices for strengthening services, policies, and overall effectiveness. Ultimately, the Standards will lead to improved public safety and reduced recidivism rates.

“The release of the National Standards for Community Supervision is a watershed moment for the field. These Standards have the potential to fundamentally transform how individuals are supervised in the community, leading to better outcomes for both public safety and justice-impacted populations. We are committed to working alongside our partners to implement these Standards and ensure their successful application.”  CJI Deputy Director Valerie Meade


Extensive Collaboration

The Standards are the product of a collaborative effort between the APPA, the National Institute of Corrections (NIC), CJI, and a distinguished working group of experts from across the country. This dedicated team contributed their expertise in research, policy development, and real-world practice to create a set of Standards and informative commentary that are both practical and effective.

CJI played a vital role in facilitating workgroup meetings, consolidating feedback, and ensuring a smooth development process. The working group, with their on-the-ground experience, was instrumental in ensuring the Standards are grounded in the realities of community supervision. The NIC provided funding and representation for the working group, allowing for the inclusion of diverse voices and perspectives throughout the year. Finally, the APPA, as the “national voice for community corrections,” provided the ideal platform for maintaining, championing, and disseminating the Standards.

Just the Beginning

The Standards are more than just a guide. They represent a springboard for ongoing conversations and research. In fact, there are new developments already underway, including:

  • A public comment period to be posted on the APPA’s website
  • An Organizational Development resource to clarify decision-making for agency leaders, focusing on agency-wide strategy (vs. daily supervision practices) to implement the Standards.
  • Future sessions at the APPA’s Training Institutes and other conferences

By working together, we can leverage the Standards to build a more effective, evidence-based community supervision system that strengthens public safety and reduces recidivism.

Download the National Standards Today!

Ready to explore the National Standards for Community Supervision? Head over to the APPA website to view and download them now!


Learn more about CJI’s transformative efforts in community supervision and reach out to CJI Deputy Director Valerie Meade to connect with our technical assistance team.