Person speaking at a podium. Back view of an room full of people watching a presentation.

The Crime and Justice Institute’s Revocations team presented at the Florida Association of Community Corrections conference in Orlando, Florida today! The team shared an overview of findings and recommendations from CJI’s Florida state report highlighting themes around revocations and barriers to supervision success.

During the session, the team introduced the Effective Case Management workgroup which the Florida Department of Corrections (FDC) put together in an effort to gather officer perspectives about case management successes and challenges. Over the last few months, CJI has cocreated an Effective Case Management training in collaboration with the workgroup. During this morning’s presentation, the CJI team had the opportunity to preview some of the training content with the 150 stakeholders and practitioners in attendance. The feedback received during this session will be used to inform workgroup priorities and further training curriculum development. The CJI team is grateful to our partners at FDC for the opportunity to present, and to all those in attendance for their positive engagement!

Learn more about CJI’s work to improve community supervision outcomes in Florida: